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From the Desk of Sr. Marie Hannah

Dear parents, faculty and friends,


We hope everyone enjoyed fall break and had a chance to relax and recharge. It’s great to have the students back at school. 


October is traditionally dedicated to the Rosary. I invite you to consider praying a decade of the Rosary with your child(ren). The world often brings us fears, uncertainties and empty promises. Praying the Rosary can provide a grounding in faith, peace and security during these vastly changing times. Throughout this month, your intentions will be remembered in my daily Rosary.


On October 15, we ended a great first quarter. Be on the lookout for report cards going home on October 29. We also recently received our MAP Growth scores and are excited to announce they are above the national norms.


This year, we have been blessed to expand our student services through a variety of funds and partnerships.


Kentucky Gives Funds

Kentucky Gives Day 2021 was dedicated to raising funds to enhance our student services in the areas of academic, social, emotional, and therapy related services support. With the help of these funds, we hired a full-time assistant principal, counselor and school nurse. We are also enhancing our student support in reading with a dedicated reading interventionist and exploring possibilities for enrichment. It has enabled the purchase of many specialized support items such as flexible seating, fidgets and sensory items.


EANS Funding

This past spring, we applied for funding that can be used over the next two school years. We have procured several educational technology resources such as IXL, Quizizz, BrainPop, Mystery Science, ABCya and more. These online learning platforms will enhance our curriculum and help student achievement.


We also used these funds to hire Mrs. Alex Barnett as a targeted instruction tutor for our primary grades and are currently interviewing a candidate for the middle school assistant. There are also additional funds available for other student support positions. Visit our website to apply or learn more about the positions we are looking to fill.


Reading Intervention

Our partnership with Associates in Pediatric Therapy has enabled us to expand our reading intervention. Julie Sloan, alongside her speech and Title I service, is working with students on direct reading skills. A second partnership is in progress to enable us to receive services for 4-8th grade students on targeted reading skills.


Healthy at SJS Update

We are now participating in the new state program through the Wild Health lab for COVID-19 testing, offering free testing to our students, faculty, staff and families. Wild Health trained our staff to administer the Abbott Rapid Antigen test. This test has an 85% accuracy rate. The test is comfortable, front-of-the-nose only, and results come back in 15 minutes. Testing is available for those with symptoms and anyone possibly exposed to COVID-19. We must have a digital consent form completed for each person before we can administer a test. This consent will remain on file for additional testing as needed during this school year. If you need a COVID-19 test, please contact our school nurse.


School Board Update

School Board restructuring began two years ago, and as part of our ongoing improvement, new steps have been taken to improve our board function, sustainability and communication. An Executive Committee consisting of the Chair of the Board (Chris Bauer), Board Vice-Chair (Kevin Blain) and Secretary (Lori Jarboe) has been formed and is meeting to create a manual of operations and procedures for the board.


With only four weeks until Thanksgiving Break, let’s stay focused! May each of you enjoy the beauty of fall and the upcoming holiday season.



Sr. Marie Hannah