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SJS awards Amy Alicna Scholarship to Ava Thomason

Saint James Catholic School (SJS) has awarded the 2021 Amy Alicna Scholarship to second grader Ava Thomason. 

“I feel so blessed that Ava was selected to receive the scholarship,” said Thomason’s grandfather Bill Ames. “This loving gift from the Alicna family will help Ava continue with her Catholic education while honoring the life of Amy. This exemplifies what St. James Catholic School is all about.”

The Amy Alicna Scholarship Fund was established by Brian and Lindsey Alicna in 2019 to help provide a Catholic education to those who may not otherwise have the opportunity. Brian and his sister Amy were SJS students when Amy passed away in 1986 as a sixth grader. 

“I have attended St. James Catholic School for the past three years, and I have loved every minute of it,” said Thomason. “Although I was never able to meet Amy, she has touched my life, and I will give my very best effort to honor her memory.”

“Our students are like family, and we are grateful for the opportunity to honor Amy Alicna in this way,” said SJS Principal Sister Marie Hannah. 

The Amy Alicna Tuition Scholarship is awarded in partnership with the Central Kentucky Community Foundation. For more information on the Amy Alicna Scholarship Fund, contact Jennifer Moran at 270-765-7011, ext. 247 or