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From the Desk of Sr. Marie Hannah

Hello parents, faculty and friends!SrMarieHannah


What a fantastic year we’ve had!


We all know the caliber of SJS students, and watching them grow, learn and succeed this year has been amazing.


We’ve fully embraced our theme, Behold, I make all things new — Revelation 21:5,

for new is at the crux of everything, isn’t it? Students and staff have felt all manner of new this year –new friendships, new teachers and new experiences every single day.


This school year was a time of many firsts. We hosted our first Community Breakfast in January, where we welcomed community and business leaders from throughout the region to visit and see what makes SJS so special.


We also just this month had our first middle school Day of Service, which, thanks to an endowment by Drs. Tao Le and Thao Pham, parents of SJS student Tai Le, will be able to live on through the years. This year eighth-graders created a space at Freeman Lake Park for rest and contemplation, in memory of Tai, and sixth- and seventh-graders worked with staff to clean up and maintain the park. We are so proud of all the efforts of our students and staff that allowed this project to come to fruition. See a special video on the project here.


Also, this year we implemented a new enrollment process, and we are especially grateful for everyone’s patience and understanding as we all learned together how to navigate the system. We are especially grateful for everyone’s support and feedback as we launched the new Facts Tuition Management System.


Our K-8 enrollment numbers are looking great for 2019/2020! We have 284 returning students, 13 new students, and 13 more in the admission process, so we are looking forward to another fantastic year.


The ending of a school year is always bittersweet. We are happy to be moving forward, but also a little sad to say goodbye to some teachers and students we’ve known and loved throughout their time at SJS.


As our eighth-graders move on to different schools, we want them to keep us in their hearts always – to hold fast to the values they’ve learned through their years as an SJS student. We are so proud of the people they have become and look forward to seeing them as they grow into adults.


For a final time, let’s all reflect on our theme for the year, Behold, I make all things new — Revelation 21:5.As we think about the time that’s behind us, let’s also take time to look forward to tomorrow, and the new school year to come.




Sister Marie Hannah