Academic Teams

  • Quick Recall Practice:

    Grades 7-8: Mondays unti 4:30 and Wednesdays until 4:30


    Middle School Dates:

    Regional–Future Problem Solving & Composition: Monday, January 28
    Regional–Assessment, Quick Recall: Saturday, February 2
    State Finals: March 16-18, Galt House, Louisville


  • The 7-8 Academic Team competed at the KAAC Governor's Cup competition on Saturday, January 20th. 

    Written Assessment

    The Quick Recall Team came in second and advanced to the regional competition, on February 4th.

    Quick Recall District

    Individuals placing in the competition include:
    Language Arts:

    2nd place: Abby Clarkson

    3rd place Anthony Pike

    Written Composition:

    Hailey Turiczek and Samantha Braghini tied for 5th place.


    3rd place: Lauren Godfrey

    4th place: Mason Baldwin

    Social Studies:

    4th place Mason Baldwin

    District Medal Winners





    The SJS Sixth Grade Quick Recall Team competed at the KAAC Sixth Grade Showcase event today... they placed second in Quick Recall! Ryan Coen placed fourth in social studies written assessment! The team did an amazing job!

    Sixth Grade Quick Recall Team Sixth Grade Quick Recall Team Sixth Grade Quick Recall Team and Mrs. Swink