• Child Care Regulations state:

    22 KAR 2:120. Section 9. Food and Meal Requirements. 
    (19) Lunch and dinner shall include: 
     (a) Milk; 
     (b) Protein; 
     (c) Bread; and 
     (d) 1. Two (2) vegetables; 
     2. Two (2) fruits; or 
     3. One (1) fruit and one (1) vegetable;

    All children are to be served milk. Milk is a fluid. Substitution of a dairy product or 
    other milk product is not acceptable. 
    100% juice is only referenced as an option at breakfast and snack and is not a 
    replacement for a whole fruit served at lunch or dinner.
    If a child has a medical or religious need that requires a component be withheld, the 
    parent must provide a written request to the child care center. If a substitute item is 
    required, the child care center may require the parent to provide the item. 

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