healthy at sjs

    We have several strategies in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep our students, faculty and staff healthy. Before the start of the school year, faculty and staff will be educated on policies and procedures to lessen the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

    When arriving at school, K-8 students will remain in their car, wearing a mask, and wait to be welcomed by staff. Temperatures will be taken and any student with a fever (temperature of 100.4 or higher) will not be permitted to stay. Once in the school, students will go directly to homeroom classes.

    Classrooms will be rearranged to allow more spacing between students, including social distanced seating.
    To ensure social distancing and create a healthy environment in the classroom, students will have assigned seating and desks will be placed all facing the same direction, 6 feet apart.

    Children will remain with their homeroom throughout the day while still enjoying the full educational experience.
    We are actively working to create schedules that keep contact minimal while providing an engaging, fun and educational school day.

    Students will eat in classrooms at personal desks.

    Specialty teachers will bring their lessons to homerooms as curriculum allows. Students will remain in their classrooms as much as possible to minimize contact with other classes.

    Faculty and staff are required to wear masks, and students in grades 1-8 will be required to wear cloth face masks when social distancing isn’t possible.
    Students must wear uniform-approved masks unless medically waivered. Each student will be provided one uniform mask and others will be available for purchase online through Duke’s and the SJS Spirit Store.

    Masks can be lowered during classroom time if all students are 6 feet apart and no persons are walking around inside the classroom.

    Masks must be worn in common areas, when moving from place to place in classrooms, around school building, and/or when 6 feet social distancing is not possible.

    Students can participate in “Fun Mask Friday” and wear their mask of choice each Friday.

    Students will have “hand hygiene breaks” throughout the day to promote health. They are required to either wash hands or use hand sanitizer as they arrive in the classroom, after restroom use, before and after eating and recess, and before leaving for the day.
    Healthy hygiene training will be provided by local healthcare professionals to staff and students during the first days of school to ensure we are all aware of the best practices to promote and maintain a healthy environment.

    Preschool-Specific Information
    Preschool classroom sizes will be reduced to no more than 10 students per section.

    Students in preschool will not wear masks, as per state regulations.

    When arriving at school, preschool parents will walk their students to a faculty or staff member at the Media Center drop off. Parents must wear masks. Temperatures will be taken and any student with a fever (temperature of 100.4 or higher) will not be permitted to stay. Once in the school, students will be escorted to their classroom.

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