healthy at sjs
  • We have had many questions and concerns from parents regarding returning to the classroom. Please know that school administration is working daily with the Lincoln Trail District Health Department and the Archdiocese of Louisville to monitor our current situation and make the best decisions possible for the health and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff. We will communicate any changes as they are identified and provide you with appropriate protocols as necessary.

  • September 2020 Updates

    Our students and staff have worked so hard to make these first days of school a healthy success. We want to thank all SJS parents for remaining vigilant and working to keep our students learning in person. This has been and will continue to be a team effort and we are so grateful for your assistance to help us remain Healthy at SJS.

    Some reminders:

    Health Screenings

    • Check your child each morning for signs of illness. Please refrain from sending your child to school and monitor for signs of infectious illness every day.
    • If you are unsure, play it safe! They can have symptoms without a fever.


    • Because of new recommendations by the Kentucky Department of Education, the use of face masks will be required by all students and staff at all times while in the school building or on the bus, unless medically waivered. Masks should not be lowered during the school day, even if all students and staff are seated 6 feet apart. Students and staff should only lower their masks while actively eating or drinking.
    • Have multiple face coverings for your child so that they can be washed daily.
    • Face masks should cover the nose, mouth and chin. The best mask types are the cloth mask, paper mask or N-95 style. Please make sure that the mask fits your child as secure and comfortable as possible.
    • Our SJS masks are still on backorder, so we hope to have them ready to distribute soon.

    Social Distancing

    • Please practice with your child how far 6 feet is when around others and make sure they know the importance of social distancing to reduce the spread and to keep from being considered a close contact.
healthy at sjs
healthy at sjs

    We are here for your children and are committed to doing everything we can to provide the education they deserve, in a safe way.

    Student drop off and pick up will be altered to allow for social distancing.

    K-8 parents and students will remain in their cars. Students in grades 1-8 must wear masks and will receive a health check from a faculty or staff member while still in their car. After the health check, if no fever is present, students will exit the car, enter the building and go directly to their homeroom. If students have a fever (temperature higher than 100.4), they will not be permitted to stay and must return home.

    Preschool parents will use the media center drop off point. They will park and, wearing a mask, will escort their preschooler to a faculty or staff member at the media center entrance. They will receive a health check and if no fever is present the faculty or staff member will escort the preschool student to his or her classroom. If the student has a fever (temperature higher than 100.4) they will not be permitted to stay. Preschool students will not wear masks, as per state regulations.

    For pick up, students will be dismissed from their homeroom to eliminate congregating in the hallways. Students not picked up by 3 p.m. will be escorted to After School Care for parent pick up. 

    We will perform daily health checks on everyone who enters the school building. Anyone with a fever (temperature higher than 100.4 degrees) or other known COVID symptoms will not be permitted to stay.

    We will be limiting non-essential visitors, volunteers and activities involving external groups. Only students and staff will be allowed beyond the lobby area/office, and all who enter the building must wear a mask and have a health check.

    We rely upon information from Hardin County Schools and Bethlehem High School for bus service.

    With a different upcoming start date than Hardin County Schools (HCS), we cannot ensure consistent bus transportation. There will be no HCS bus transportation on Wednesdays for any student riding a HCS high school bus as the high schools will not be in session. HCS and Bethlehem High School share their buses with our students, so protocols for COVID-19 safety, including mask usage, social distancing and sanitization will be provided by Hardin County Schools and Bethlehem High School. Bus usage is optional.

    Students, faculty and staff who have any COVID-19 symptoms will be asked to stay home. These symptoms, which come directly from the Lincoln Trail District Health Department, include a fever, cough, gastrointestinal symptoms (diarrhea or vomiting), a new rash or new loss of sense of taste/smell.

    If a student or teacher has symptoms, which are new and cannot be attributed to an existing medical condition, they should test for COVID-19 if possible and remain at home for 10-14 days, depending on test results and guidance provided by LTDHD.

    SJS now has a nurse on site, Kimberly Schreacke, R.N., who will be our point of contact for all health and wellness issues at the school.

    After School Care

    Children in school-age programs who are ages 6 or older will need to wear a mask. 



    In addition to our normal routine, we will increase scheduled cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing to maintain a healthy and safe place for your children and our faculty and staff.

    The school will be sanitized twice per week with a hospital-grade disinfectant.

    We will sustain our daily cleaning and sanitizing schedule, to include disinfecting door handles, light switches, desks, chairs and all high-touch areas of the classroom. In addition, twice per week we will be fogging the school with Virex II, a hospital-grade disinfectant.

    Teachers and staff members will have a spray bottle with the Virex II solution to use when necessary.

    School gatherings and extracurriculars will have new regulations in place to help keep our kids safe.

    We will be limiting activities and events at the school to ensure we have enough time to sanitize between events.

    Regarding athletics, we will wait until the corresponding athletic association or sports league provides guidelines before we move forward, to ensure the safety of our students. Once we receive that information, we will use it to create our internal guidelines and best practices.

    We will be adapting the seating at school Mass to support social distancing. We are still working out the logistics and will provide that information at a later date.



    In the event that someone at SJS is exposed to COVID-19, we have protocols in place to prevent anyone else from coming in contact.

    If a faculty or staff member or student shows COVID-19 symptoms, they will be immediately separated from others in a designated space.

    Symptoms include abdominal pain, chills, cough, diarrhea, headache, fatigue, fever (temp higher than 100.4), muscle or body aches, nausea or vomiting, congestion or runny nose, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, sore throat, loss of appetite, and loss of taste or smell.

    Parents are required to pick up their child within an hour. Students will be supervised in a separate area, and all potential contacts will be notified.

    Areas used by someone diagnosed with COVID-19 will not be used until cleaned and disinfected.

    SJS cleaning crew will be notified for additional sanitizing.

    Class in contact with the sick person will be moved to a temporary location to allow for deep cleaning.         

    Health officials and those in contact with the COVID-19 patient will be notified, while maintaining confidentiality.

    We will work closely with the Lincoln Trail District Health Department (LTDHD) and they will guide us through the process of contacting those who may have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient.

    Those in close contact with the COVID-19 patient will cooperate with health department guidelines and may be required to stay home and self-monitor for symptoms.

    Our multi-leveled layers of protection and guidelines will be taken into consideration when determining if a class quarantine is necessary. We are working closely with LTDHD to determine best practices for specific situations when dealing with a COVID-19 patient and will act accordingly to ensure the safety of our staff and students. If an extended quarantine is required, online learning may be available.

    If a prolonged quarantine is required, online learning plans will be made.

    We will have no perfect attendance awards this year.

    Current homework policy will apply during illness. Online learning will only be utilized in the event of school closure or extended quarantine.

    Proactive measures in case of school closure:

    We have taken feedback from parent surveys and adjusted our remote learning.

    • Each student will be provided use of a school-owned device.
    • All online learning will be consolidated on Google Classrooms for consistency across grade levels.
    • Class times will be scheduled to include live sessions and to provide more structure to remote learning.


    We have several strategies in place to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep our students, faculty and staff healthy. Before the start of the school year, faculty and staff will be educated on policies and procedures to lessen the risk of COVID-19 exposure.

    When arriving at school, K-8 students will remain in their car, wearing a mask, and wait to be welcomed by staff. Temperatures will be taken and any student with a fever (temperature of 100.4 or higher) will not be permitted to stay. Once in the school, students will go directly to homeroom classes.

    Classrooms will be rearranged to allow more spacing between students, including social distanced seating.
    To ensure social distancing and create a healthy environment in the classroom, students will have assigned seating and desks will be placed all facing the same direction, 6 feet apart.

    Children will remain with their homeroom throughout the day while still enjoying the full educational experience.
    We are actively working to create schedules that keep contact minimal while providing an engaging, fun and educational school day.

    Students will eat in classrooms at personal desks.

    Specialty teachers will bring their lessons to homerooms as curriculum allows. Students will remain in their classrooms as much as possible to minimize contact with other classes.

    Faculty and staff are required to wear masks, and students in grades 1-8 will be required to wear cloth face masks when social distancing isn’t possible.
    Students must wear uniform-approved masks unless medically waivered. Each student will be provided one uniform mask and others will be available for purchase online through Duke’s and the SJS Spirit Store.

    Masks can be lowered during classroom time if all students are 6 feet apart and no persons are walking around inside the classroom.

    Masks must be worn in common areas, when moving from place to place in classrooms, around school building, and/or when 6 feet social distancing is not possible.

    Students can participate in “Fun Mask Friday” and wear their mask of choice each Friday.

    Students will have “hand hygiene breaks” throughout the day to promote health. They are required to either wash hands or use hand sanitizer as they arrive in the classroom, after restroom use, before and after eating and recess, and before leaving for the day.
    Healthy hygiene training will be provided by local healthcare professionals to staff and students during the first days of school to ensure we are all aware of the best practices to promote and maintain a healthy environment.

    Preschool-Specific Information
    Preschool classroom sizes will be reduced to no more than 10 students per section.

    Students in preschool will not wear masks, as per state regulations.

    When arriving at school, preschool parents will walk their students to a faculty or staff member at the Media Center drop off. Parents must wear masks. Temperatures will be taken and any student with a fever (temperature of 100.4 or higher) will not be permitted to stay. Once in the school, students will be escorted to their classroom.

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