• The education and fellowship our students receive at Saint James Elementary School stays with them throughout their lives. Our graduates go on to lead fulfilling, successful lives and we are so proud of who they become.

  • SJS Alumni Spotlight - Jeff Lanz

    SJS Alumnus 1975-1977 

    Jeff Lanz

    Jeff Lanz, SJS alumni, said his education at the school gave him a strong inner belief in himself.

    “I was amazed at how strong my education at SJS had been,” he said. “I felt much further along than the majority of the students in my classes.”

    Lanz attended SJS for fifth and sixth grades, from 1975-77. He now works as manager of sales operations with Jack Henry & Associates (iPay); recently was instituted as an Acolyte with the Archdiocese of Louisville by Archbishop Kurtz; and serves as the Worship Chair for Saint James Parish.

    “At SJS I made wonderful friends, had excellent teachers and learning experiences, and considerably strengthened my understanding and love for the Catholic faith,” Lanz said. “I will forever fondly remember my time there, and it has truly helped shape the individual I have become.”

  • SJS Alumni Spotlight - Angel Veza

    SJS Alumnus 1994-2003

    Angel Veza

    As a student, SJS Alumna Angel Veza considered the school to be a second home and second family.

    “I truly enjoyed my time at SJS and look back on it fondly,” she said.

    Today Angel, who lives in New York City, is involved in several ventures. She is business initiatives manager with ReFED (Rethink Food Waste through Economics and Data), a nonprofit solely dedicated to reducing food waste in the U.S. She also oversees procurement and purchasing at Manhatta Restaurant in New York City and is lead designer for a consulting firm, First Principle Group.

    “My education at SJS helped me think critically and creatively and gave me a myriad of opportunities to explore my interests, all of which contributed to my successes,” Angel said. “I loved the wonderful relationships I built with my teachers and fellow classmates.”

  • SJS Alumni Spotlight - Lauren Hartlage

    SJS Alumnus 2001-12

    Lauren Hartlage

    Saint James Catholic School alumna Lauren Hartlage credits her time at the school for her success in high school and college.

     “Through my education at SJS, I learned that to be successful you have to work hard and make no excuses,” she said. “My teachers always expected the best out of me and pushed me to reach my full potential. They also taught me to respect others, which has proven to be very important in my success in high school and college.” 

    Born and raised in Elizabethtown, Hartlage attended SJS from 2001-2012. A finance student at the University of Louisville, she continues to make a name for herself as a member of the UofL golf team. At the end of 2018 she was ranked 59th in the world and 22nd among American golfers. Because of her talent as a golfer, she recently was given an invitation to play at the Augusta National Women’s Amateur Championship next month

    “My Catholic education has had the biggest impact on who I have become today,” Hartlage said. “My time at SJS was some of the best years of my life. To me, SJS is family and somewhere I will always be able to come back and call home.”


  • SJS Alumni Spotlight - Carson Ching

    SJS Alumnus 2010-17

    Carson Ching  Carson Ching, a sophomore at Saint Xavier High School in Louisville, credits the high level academics at SJS for his success.

    “They helped me earn high scores on standardized testing and the placement test for high school that allowed me to receive a merit scholarship,” Carson said.

    Carson received national recognition with Duke TIP ACT and is a Xavier Scholar and academic scholarship recipient. He’s also involved in Junior Varsity and Varsity Academic Teams/Quick Recall, Math Team, Liturgical Music Ensemble, History Club and the Environmental Club at St. X.

    “I greatly enjoyed my time at SJS for various reasons,” Carson said. “There was a good mix of both fun and serious learning that kept me engaged in my studies. I made many friends and was motivated and challenged to learn many interesting things in the classroom at SJS.”

    Carson also credits SJS for giving him the confidence to pursue and achieve leadership roles – such as Speaker of the House at Kentucky Youth Assembly his freshman year of high school.

    “SJS is a place where seeds of faith and knowledge were planted in me for many years to come,” he said. “The emphasis on faith and service enriched my understanding of the Catholic Church and showed me that success is not just measured in personal accomplishments but in how one helps others.”

    Carson lives in Louisville with his parents, Robert and Mary Ching.


  • SJS Alumni Spotlight - Kristi Zoglmann Ditto

    SJS Alumnus 1985-1994

    Kristi Ditto


    Kristi was born and raised in Elizabethtown, as was her husband, Brent Ditto. They have two daughters, Kate (9, in 4th grade at SJS) and Avery (7, in 2nd grade at SJS).

     She works in the accounting department at the Limestone Bank in Louisville, substitutes at SJS, and is the children's liturgy of the word coordinator at St. James Church.

     “Attending SJS gave me a strong work ethic that I carried with me throughout high school, college, and my career. It also gave me a strong faith foundation and instilled in me the importance of giving back to my community.”

     Kristi has fond memories of her eighth grade class trip to Chicago, and the candle passing ceremony where eighth grade "passes the torch" to the next group of eighth graders.

     “SJS is family to me, and I wanted my children to have the chance to receive a great quality education, and so much more that the school offers.”


Donald Goodin, M.D.

Alyssa Davis, Alumna Class of 2015