School Board

  • School Board Mission Statement:  In conjunction with the Archdiocese of Louisville, the mission of the St. James School Board is to advance quality Catholic education for students by providing leadership, direction, and support to Pastors, Principals, Teachers, Staff, and members of the school community. The SJS School Board adopts the school’s mission statement and the periodic review of its operational validity and Catholic identity. 

    Role of the School Board:  St. James Catholic School is required to follow the Archdiocese of Louisville Handbook for Catholic Schools in all matters related to the operation of the schools.  Each archdiocesan school shall have a consultative School Board.    A Consultative Board is a body that participates in the policy-making process by formulating, adopting, and recommending policy to the person with authority to enact it.  The person with authority should consult the Board before making decisions in designated areas, but is not bound by the Board’s advice.  The people in authority at St. James Catholic School are the pastor and principal.

    Goals of the School Board:

    • To support effective administration, operation and maintenance of the school.
    • To provide a means of communication.
    • To review and discuss programs in light of the administrative vision for the school.
    • To develop and strengthen the relationship between the school and its supporting parish.
    • To develop and strengthen the financial functioning and viability of the school.
    • To assist the administration in the implementation of the policies of the Archdiocese of Louisville.

Board Committees

Board Committees

School Board Members

School Board Members
  • School board meetings will be held the Third Tuesday of every month from 6PM - 7:30 PM.  (*unless otherwise noted)

    Meeting Dates for the 2022-2023 School Year:
    Thursday, September 29
    Tuesday, October 18
    Tuesday, November 15
    Tuesday, December 20
    Tuesday, January 28
    Tuesday, February 21
    Tuesday, March 21
    Tuesday, April 18 - cancelled
    Tuesday, May 16

    Board Meeting Minutes
    March 2023
    February 2023
    January 2023
    November 2022
    October 2022
    September 2022
    May 2022
    April 2022

    March 22 Knight of News Presentations:
        Principal's Report
        Mission Advancement Report
        Finance Report
        Facilities Report

    March 2022
    February 2022
    December 2021
    November 2021

    Are you interested in being added to the agenda?

    All parents, teachers, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend the open School Board meetings. If you'd like to be added to the agenda, please email Board Chair - Kevin Blain at  Please include a short summary of the topic you would like to discuss and provide your contact information.

    Some things to consider:

    • It is understood that the issues raised may not be handled at the meeting. If appropriate to the parameters of the Board's responsibilities, the issue may be addressed at a future time.
    • Personnel issues and individual family or student's needs are not discussed at Board meetings.
    • The Board does not necessarily address all of the issues that may be raised. It may be appropriate, for the Pastor or Principal to respond to the individual question, issue or concern at a later date.
    • Visitors observe the Board while it is in session. They do not engage in the discussion nor do they actively participate in the meeting until their preapproved time on the agenda.
    • Once the visitor is recognized, the visitor has one opportunity to express an opinion on the item they requested to be approved for the agenda.
    • Each individual may speak for a specified amount of time (to be determined on case by case basis)
    • All members listen to the visitors. If necessary, either the Chair or someone designated by the Chair can assist in clarifying the question or topic.
    • The Chair thanks the visitors for their comments and informs them that someone will get back to them at a later date.

    Topics Appropriate for School Board

    • New Policy or Existing Policy
    • Curriculum
    • School Programs
    • Suggestions for Improvements
    • Tuition/Finance Inquiries

    Topics NOT Appropriate for School Board

    • Individual Personnel Issues
    • Grievances*
    • Individual Family or Student Needs
    • Discipline Issues

    * See St. James Student/Parent Handbook

    Meeting Materials

    • Agendas
    • Minutes
    • Presentations
    • Bylaws
    • Manual
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