• Welcome to Physical Education!

    Instructor: Sam Kiger


    PE Philosophy: In order for students to get a well-rounded education and maintain a healthy lifestyle and mindset, Physical Education must be an essential part of the overall curriculum in an instructional program. Physical Education should be used to teach students to participate in different activities and sports that contain some type of physical activity. These skills and knowledge of specific activities should build on each other to hopefully engage each student to participate in physical activity for the rest of their lives. In order for Physical Education to gain the respect and support it needs to remain a vital part of a student’s education, it must be based on instruction and developing goals with achievable outcomes. Physical Education can be beneficial to a student’s cognitive and affective learning in all subject areas.

    PE Uniform: Students grades 4-8 will be required to wear their SJS PE uniform during the school day on the particular day of the week they have PE class. The PE uniform will consist of a SJS t-shirt and pair of shorts for the spring and summer months and a SJS sweatshirt and sweatpants for fall and winter months. Students not dressed in the appropriate PE uniform will lose 1 point from the daily participation points.